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The Diagnostic tools option under the Diagnose and solve blade for Azure App Services offer many tools that can help you investigate application code issues, slowness. Also offer proactive tools that help you mitigate issues with CPU usage, requests, and memory.

Where can I find the Diagnostic tools?

On the Azure Portal we Will need to move to the app Service itself. On the menu options   we have the “Diagnose and solve problems”, please click on it.

This will give us more options please select the “Diagnostic Tools”.

On the left side we Will be able to see some tools to collect data on the app services. We have two main categories: Proactive Tools and Diagnostic Tools.

If the error is occurring at the moment and you know how to reproduce the issue you can use any of the tools under the “Diagnostic Tools”.

If the issue is intermittent and you don’t know how to reproduce it, you can use any of the tools under the “Proactive Tools”.

Proactive Tools

Auto Heal:

Proactive CPU monitoring:

Crash Monitoring

Diagnostic Tools

Collect .NET Profiler Trace:
Collect Memory Dump:

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